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Camponotus Modoc - Magz

About: Magz is the first queen caught by my son, while he was on the way home from school. She is a bit spazzy for a campo, acts alot more like the smaller species (spooks easy). Her workers actually have a similar attitude, which is awesome to see.

When Caught: Summer 2017

Where Caught: Sammamish, WA

Nest: AntsCanada Camponotus Hybrid V2

Outworld: AntsCanada Outworld

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Yearly Notes

2020/03: Gave colony away to a local ant enthusiast, unable to keep due to moving.

2019: August - Had a rough year. Totally my fault. Moved her 3 times this year, and they did not take it well. The development of the brood stopped for a couple months, but it has picked back up. Currently at ~100

2018: ~50 at the end of year

2017: Went into hibernation with nanitics.

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