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Previous Colonies

Below are colonies I have had to part with, or decided to give away to help promote the anting hobby! The only ones listed will be colonies with a worker count of 50+, as listed all the ones I give away right after their nanitics take far too much time!

My first successful formica colony. We named her "Becky" due to her big butt at the time of catching!

My first successful Camponotus colony. She had her first alates the year before I gave her away, definitely a thriving colony. Camponotus are still my favorite species to keep. Obviously named after Bobby Wagner of the 'Hawks. B-Wagz!

Marley was a Camponotus caught by my son.

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This lists the total number of colonies given away that have between 2-50 worker ants.

Total as of 2020: 16

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