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Tetramorium Immagrans - Aminatu

About: This queen, is crazy. She had the biggest pile of brood when founding that I have ever seen, still don't understand how it was possible. There is always a giant pile of brood in the nest, honestly don't know how she produces so many eggs in that small frame - blows my mind! Classic tetras here. Oh yeah, and she still has most of one wing. Crazy queen.

When Caught: Summer 2018

Where Caught: Bothell, WA

Nest: Ants Canada Tetramorium Hybrid Nest 2.0

Outworld: Ants Canada Outworld

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Yearly Notes

2020/03: Gave colony away to a local ant enthusiast, unable to keep due to moving.

2019: August - Doing pretty good. No idea how to count these guys being so small. I'd have to say there are at  least 500.

2018: Giant first set of brood, was crazy. Went into hibernation with 60+

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